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Client Testimonials

Burgi Engineers LLC has outsourced their IT department fully to Eckstrom Consulting since 2008. During that time Eckstrom Consulting has proposed and overseen the implementation of multiple technology solutions, that have given our company a technological advantage. Among other projects, they have helped us to, virtualize our servers, move to a

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Heather Reddish, Northwest Montana Physicians Group

Eckstrom Consulting - Whitefish's Best Computer Support and Repair Experts For Business

Eckstrom Consulting provides professional IT Support for businesses in North West Montana. We strive to give our clients enterprise-level IT services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses. Our philosophy is that if you can keep your focus on your business and not your technology, then we have done our job.

Our team of experts can become your go-to computer repair and IT department; responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

With Eckstrom Consulting as your computer repair and IT partner, your business will experience:

Less Downtime – Faster resolution leads to more productivity
Fewer Day-to-day Issues – Proactive maintenance prevents issues in general
More Opportunities – And more time in the day to take advantage of them
Flat-Rate IT Budget – Know your IT expenses ahead of time, your accounting department will thank you!
Infrastructure Protection – Keep your network and devices safe and secure
Business Continuity – Through backup and disaster recovery methods and best practices
A Good Night’s Sleep – Knowing your business is in good hands.

Not sure where to begin, or even if Eckstrom Consulting is a good fit for your organization? Contact us to learn more about how we can help drive your business forward with professional IT support and services.

“Solving Business Problems with Technology Solutions.”

Cloud Office Pro Business

Cloud Office Pro Business

Cloud Office Pro Business is here to make your life and your business run smooth. 

Running a business is enough stress, why worry about technology?

Our IT management solutions will meet every aspect of your operational needs! If you can think it, we can do it!

Cloud Office Pro Enterprise

Cloud Office Pro Enterprise

Take It One Step Further!

Cloud Office Pro Enterprise takes your company one step further.

Our Cloud Office Pro Enterprise solutions streamline your business, while a also providing top-grade  security for your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Office Pro Complete

Cloud Office Pro Complete

This is it. The best of the best. Grow your business exponentially and leave connectivity problems  in the past with Cloud Office Pro Complete.

Our network security features focus on bringing best-in-class, enterprise-grade security to any organization, regardless of size or technical know-how.