Top 10 Benefits of a Cloud Phone System for Your Organization

There are numerous cloud phone system options available for your business, but how do you choose the right one? A cloud-based phone system allows users to make calls using the internet and store data in the cloud. This is much more cost-effective than regular cell connections. Cloud-based systems are efficient and reliable but need a strong internet connection to function correctly.
In today’s article, we are going to look at the top 10 benefits of a cloud phone system and how it can benefit your business.


What Is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system, otherwise known as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system that allows you to make calls via the Internet and store your data in the cloud. This system works completely differently from traditional analog phones that used copper wires or optical fibers to connect the two callers. The cloud-based phone system can be used by many devices, including traditional phones with the use of an adapter.

Smartphone apps like Google Voice are a perfect example of a cloud-hosted phone system. The data is stored and accessed via the cloud. This will save your business time and money by allowing you to protect and update your data easily.


How Do Cloud-Based Phone Systems Work?

The cloud-based phone system for small businesses works by cutting your calls into small digital files that are sent as data via the internet to the person you are calling. If you call a regular phone, the signal is converted to an ordinary phone signal before it reaches the recipient. Cloud phones are hosted off-site by secure data centers.
Your traditional phone works by connecting you to the public network. This is powered by an Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) or a public switched telephone network (PSTN). Newer phones make use of VoIP which runs the phone lines via internet connections.

Cloud-based phones aren’t routed through the network, instead, they use a third-party hosted internet system. Cloud-based calling is less expensive because VoIP can be bundled with other cloud services.

How do you know if this system will benefit your business? You will need to consider the facts to find out if this system is the perfect solution for your business.

  • Equipment: not much equipment is needed. The cloud phone can be fully operated from your desktop computer or your mobile device.
  • Costs: There are no installation or maintenance costs. Extra options such as video conferencing are available as an added extra.
  • Reliability: A strong internet connection is essential. If your internet is unreliable then this system won’t work for your business.
  • Data management: Companies that have a dedicated IT department and want complete control of their data may find that they don’t want their data managed by a third-party site.


Why Choose a Cloud Phone System for Business Communications?

As this technology improves more businesses are using digital and internet-based services. Some of the main reasons are as follows:

  • Practical: The low set-up costs and cost-effective nature of the product make it analog. Companies are only responsible for their internet cost and are not billed for call minutes by the phone service. There are no added charges for extra features such as voicemail or auto attendant.
  • Solid and reliable: Cloud-based business phone system services are hosted in multiple locations, so even if one server is down, the service won’t be affected. This is known as geographical redundancy. Using this system reduces downtime and other service issues.
  • Adaptable: the flexible nature of the product makes it ideal for those remote workers or workers that travel frequently. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you will always be connected.
  • Versatile: As your company grows, you can easily add phone lines and extensions, with very few extra costs. Updates are made directly to the cloud which prevents downtime and saves you time.


Features of a Cloud Phone System

Below, we share the various features of a high-quality cloud phone system:



The fully-integrated communications system increases efficiency. The cloud is easy to use and allows you to stay connected at all times. The cloud provides a consistent business presence which helps increase productivity. The system allows you seamless access to CRM tools, instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing.



Customize your services by choosing what your business needs. You can turn these services on and off easily when necessary. Access the system from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. All critical business software is available with real-time access.


Cloud Communication

Cloud communications include added features such as a virtual assistant, never miss a call, auto attendant, and call center solutions. Your business will always be online no matter if there are network problems or outages.


International Calling

If your business makes a lot of International calls, this system could be a game changer. Cloud phones are internet-based so you won’t be charged a long-distance fee to place, or receive calls Internationally. The never miss a call, or ring anywhere feature enables users to receive calls on multiple devices using the same contact number.


Video Conferencing

Most cloud-based systems come standard with video conferencing features at no extra cost. This is becoming increasingly important as working remotely becomes more popular.


Artificial Intelligence

AI functions provide customer support and functions such as sentiment analysis and speech-to-text. This allows users to feel comfortable and have assistance on hand when they need it.


Call Forwarding

Similar to traditional call forwarding services the cloud-based system allows users to consolidate calls to a single line. This allows you to direct calls through a specific line or telephone number.



Access your voicemail without using a voicemail box. The voicemail is transcribed and sent as an audio file directly to your email address. This allows you to access voicemail on numerous devices. Never worry about your voice mailbox reaching capacity, exceeding data limitations, or being clogged. The files are saved so you can have access to them when necessary.


Instant Messaging

Instant messaging through text-based communication allows you to connect to multiple devices. This provides an additional avenue of communication, in writing. These messages can easily be referenced later when necessary.


Top 12 Reasons a Cloud Phone System Can Benefit Your Business

Here are the top 12 reasons that you should invest in a cloud phone system:


1. Fully-Integrated Communications System

This helps to create business efficiency and increases productivity. Business tools stored in the cloud allow employees to keep in constant contact no matter where they are working from. The seamless access to CRM tools helps to increase productivity. Allows users instant access to emails, instant messages, voice, and video conferencing.


2. Control Over Modes of Communication

Turn on the features your business needs, and turn off those you don’t. If you need a certain feature at a later stage, it can easily be activated. Access the system effortlessly via your smartphone or computer. You will always have access to your critical business software.


3. Top Line Business Features

The system gives small businesses access to features usually reserved for bigger businesses, such as a virtual assistant, never miss a call, call center solutions, and auto attendant.


4. Save the upfront hardware costs

An integrated end-to-end system saves you money on redundant software and other tools. The system integrates with the system you already have in place.


5. Mobility and Ease of Use

Employees need to be able to work remotely from any location, or multiple locations. A cloud-based phone system for small businesses gives your employees access to features so they can log in remotely This means customers can be helped in real-time and employees have more control of their productivity.


6. Feature-rich for boosted productivity

Productivity can be increased by as much as 3.9 hours per week. Integrated features such as video conferencing, and integrated chat make this possible. It’s much easier to transition inbound calls and it allows for excellent collaboration between employees.


7. Free up IT resources

Automatic updates are implemented with no additional cost to the user. There is no expensive hardware to purchase that will become obsolete as technology improves. Your business will always have the most up-to-date system available.


8. Time Management and Efficiency

Less time is spent on service configuration, troubleshooting tickets, call analytics, training, and billing. This means less money and time needs to be spent on project management and allows your business to focus on growing and making money. The system allows employees to work from anywhere just as efficiently as if they were working from their office desk.


9. Improved Customer Service

Customers can be assisted in real-time so they don’t need to wait around. Employees can access all the necessary data easily and solve the customer’s problem without physically needing to be in the office.


10. Improved Customer Service

A virtual receptionist (VR) or auto-attendance feature means you will never miss out on a business opportunity. Calls can be directed to numerous departments. Customized greetings can be added to each department to keep things unique and interesting. If you are out of the office calls can be directed to another device using the same number. Specials and frequently asked questions can be added to on-hold messages giving your clients even more added value.


11. Business Continuity

A cloud-based business phone system isn’t affected by severe weather or power outages. This allows your business to maintain a constant presence, always have access to any tools they may require, and keep the focus on working and helping your clients.


12. Increased security

The best cloud phone system on offer: Customer data and information need to be protected at all costs. Security breaches are commonplace, a cloud phone system for small businesses has the option to encrypt data as the call is taking place. This keeps your conversation private and your data secure.


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