How to Choose the Best VoIP Phone Service For Your Business

Choosing the best VoIP phone service for your small to medium business is challenging. You must understand your communication needs and learn how each system works, so you gain the benefits you need without paying for unnecessary services.

The team at Eckstrom Consulting can help you find the best VoIP business phone service. Continue reading to see which VoIP phone service is the best for you and how it can benefit you.

What Are VoIP Phone Systems & How Do They Work?

A VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone system refers to a communication service that allows a company to make and receive calls, messages, chats, and other transmission forms without a landline.

The system uses the internet for faster and more effective communication and significantly benefits businesses with remote workers or across multiple platforms. With modern companies adopting a less traditional workspace and allowing remote work, the need for fast and reliable communication grows.

It sends voice calls in data packages, similar to messages or chats. By compressing the voice data, a company can send or receive messages faster and more efficiently, enhancing workflow and ease.

How Much Does a Business VoIP Phone System Cost?

Cost matters when choosing the best VoIP phone service for small businesses. These subscription-based systems require a monthly fee. The cost varies depending on the size of your workforce, what integrations you need, and which service provider you choose.

The Benefits of a VoIP Phone System

The best VoIP phone service for business will provide easy-to-use technology that enhances your calls, messages, and more. Some of the benefits of the best small business VoIP phone service include the following:

  • Works across multiple technologies and allows you to receive phone calls on varying equipment
  • Easy tracking for hold times, call duration, and more
  • Most provide forwarding, unlimited extensions, and call routing
  • Cheaper rates for local and international calls

Voice mail, screen sharing, and CRM integration can also benefit your small business. If your employees often work on the go and require mobile communication, you need a VoIP phone service.

They can also provide on-hold music and video/audio conferencing for streamlined inter-communication.

How To Choose the Best VoIP Service for Your Business

What is the best VoIP phone service? While the answer depends on your business’s needs, consider these questions you can ask to ensure you receive the best option for your business.

Before choosing a service, you must know what your communication needs are. Consider the following:

  • What do you currently use to communicate?
  • What are your long-term goals for growth?
  • Are you office based, or are people working remotely?
  • How can you enhance your collaboration?

Our team will walk you through your needs and help you find the service that provides the most benefits for your company.

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