How to Backup Email from Office 365

Emails represent the main form of communication for most businesses, and learning how to back up email from Office 365 can provide security and prevent data loss. The team at Eckstrom Consulting can help you learn how to back up email from Office 365 webmail and avoid disasters in your business.

How to Back Up Emails From Office 365

You have two main ways to back up emails: automatic and manual. To automatically back up your emails, you must download a third-party tool. To successfully back up Office 365 emails to a more secure format, such as PST files, follow these steps:

  • Download an Office 365 backup email and restore software
  • Create an Office 365 backup project
  • Select a directory to save the email backups
  • Apply any filters and click Next
  • Schedule your process and finish

These steps will automatically back up Office 365 emails and give you peace of mind. For ultimate security, consider requesting help from our team. We’ll talk you through the process and ensure this process is the right choice for you.

You can also choose several third-party solutions for this process, and selecting which works for you can be difficult. While Microsoft Office 365 will partially back up some of your data, relying on that alone is not enough for modern businesses.

How to Manually Archive Emails in Microsoft 365

While not everyone has the time to manually back up email from office 365, knowing how can benefit you and further secure your data. To manually back up email from Office 365 admin portal or Exchange Online, follow these steps:

  • Select the file
  • Click Open and Export
  • Select Import/Export
  • Click on Export and then Next
  • Choose the file you need and hit Next
  • Find a location, choose a name for the file, and click Next
  • Create a password for the file

This method may not save your files indefinitely. For optimal results, reach out to our team for guidance in maintaining entire mailboxes for any length of time. Learning how to back up Outlook emails will secure your business from cyber theft, malfunctions, and more.

What Happens if Users Accidentally Delete Data From Their Mailboxes?

If a soft delete accidentally happens, you can recover it for 30 days after the accident by searching the recycle bin. After 30 days, you cannot recover the files. In certain circumstances, such as e-Discovery or litigation holding the file, you cannot remove it from Exchange Online.

If you accidentally delete data, reach out to our team immediately, and we’ll help you recover your files. A hard delete may permanently remove the files, but we’ll ensure recovery for your email when possible.

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Let our team help you back up your emails for maximum security. We’ll remove the stress of doing it alone and provide guidance and explanations so you can rest easy. If you need help understanding how to back up email from Office 365, contact Eckstrom Consulting at (406) 730-5105 and request a consultation today.

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