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blue telephone icon business phone system conceptInnovative business phone systems can make a huge difference to any business in any industry. Phone systems for business purposes set the tone for communication across the organization and keep you connected to customers, suppliers, and support. The many different types of phone systems on the market come with numerous configurations, features, and capabilities, so what should a business look for in its final selection?

Eckstrom Consulting specializes in helping small business owners with their IT systems, including suitable phone systems. Our services help companies grow by making an excellent choice for communication tools and connection points. In the right hands, technology has the power your business needs to succeed in any venture.


Why Consider a Phone System Made for Small Business Operations?

Many of the landline systems available cater to medium-to-large companies, not customized small business solutions. Some of these systems could scale down to a small business user’s preferences, but why choose a large-scale system and absorb unnecessary costs? What you need are business phone systems that deliver the specific features and the capabilities your business needs to thrive; less complicated systems are also more budget-friendly.

Not many small business owners possess the infrastructure to invest in extensive phone systems, and they should not need to compromise. Shopping for small business phone systems is far more practical because:

  • Small business systems are typically cheaper.
  • Small business systems offer an essential communication tool.
  • Small business systems legitimize a business in the eyes of its customers.

If it seems tempting to forgo a formal business phone system with so many advancements on the go, let our communication and technology experts deter you from taking on this type of risk. Telephone communication remains the top choice for clients that want to contact your business and purchase your products or services.

A business phone allows small businesses two primary advantages:

  • Track hold times and call duration. Providing excellent customer care and open communication through your market channels is far easier with reliable phone systems.
  • Enjoy phone number portability and unique contact numbers. If you move, your business phone number goes with you. Toll-free numbers are an excellent investment that helps people remember your business. It is a great feature, and it is only possible with a business phone system.


Understanding Small Business Phone Systems

The right phone system will deliver the features that you want and enhance the capabilities of your infrastructure.

Whichever way you want to connect with clients or keep the lines open, partnering with Eckstrom Consulting helps you choose the office phone systems for small businesses that will best support these activities. The firm can evaluate the needs you have in your business niche and provide various recommendations to help you make an informed decision.

Eckstrom Consulting is happy to take you through all three phone systems in detail and explain how you could customize each option. The best small business phone system will fit into your budget, current infrastructure, and way of doing business.

For more information about our small business landline phone system services contact Eckstrom Consulting today.

Landline Business Phone Systems

The landline concept has been around since the inception of business phone systems. Landline phone systems were the only show in town two decades ago. Even though much has changed, these systems still come with a few unmatched benefits.

The most attractive feature for a small business is that a landline is incredibly reliable as a communication system. The phone company provides the signal that travels through a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) connector at the user’s site. The PBX hardware creates voice exchanges and added features, like call forwarding, transfers, or conferencing.

Landline phone systems are an extremely popular option, but new competitors are now beginning to emerge.

VoIP Small Business Phone Systems

The second option for small business phone systems is VoIP (voice over internet protocol systems). VoIP has come a long way over the last decade, with systems that are independent of phone lines to make phone calls. The technology uses the existing internet platform, making it convenient and cost-effective as a business phone system option.

VoIP phone systems had a bumpy start, but modern versions have worked out all the bugs, including delays. You can expect crystal clear connections in real-time and a range of other benefits. VoIP systems should be a top choice for any small business owners that prioritize:

  • Complete flexibility. VoIP offers capabilities to easily add remote workers who connect from any location with internet access. It is easy to add or remove users and scale VoIP phone systems.
  • Cost reductions. Installing VoIP systems on the cloud is much more affordable than buying the equipment necessary for other business phone systems. Self-hosting a VOIP system may have higher start-up costs, though.

The drawback of the VoIP phone system includes its dependency on the internet and electricity. If either system goes offline, the phone system goes with it. Landline phone systems do not have the same issues when the power goes out unexpectedly at the office.

A Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system is a hybrid of a traditional landline and VoIP. The phone calls enter through the traditional phone lines and transfer out to remote workers via VoIP. It is a hybrid that works effectively for many small business owners, especially with the work environment embracing digital nomad trends.


The Right Features and Capabilities for Your Business

Narrowing down the options for the right phone systems for small business purposes is simple.

  • Choose the type of phone system your business needs
  • Browse the business phone systems for a range of features and options
  • Consider how you want to connect your communication tools across the board

If you want to ensure that your small business stays on top of important messages and opportunities to communicate with the right stakeholders, Eckstrom Consulting can help. We will evaluate your needs and recommend the perfect combination of features and capabilities available across the various phone systems.

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