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In Kalispell, business phone systems are a cost-efficient way to secure data and conversations as the business grows. Eckstrom Consulting is a top Montana service for high-quality VoIP, landline, and virtual phone systems for business use. With us, businesses acquire a reliable communication platform that fits easily into any budget or work setup, including hybrid remote working arrangements.

Eckstrom Consulting Business Phone Systems Service in Kalispell

Eckstrom Consulting is a leader in IT-related services in Northwest Montana. We focus on providing small business phone systems to budding entrepreneurs and IT managers, reducing capital expenditure and risk of breach, and garnering attention for the brand without pricey marketing strategies. 

Emerging brands need reliable office phone systems for small business setups to legitimize the products or services in the eyes of prospective customers. For example, gold-buying businesses might use 4653 as the last four digits of their landline business phone systems—it spells GOLD on a keypad. The multi-digit tag options are endless.

What Do Phone Systems for Small Businesses Do?

Small business phone systems bring big-box capabilities to small business owners at cost-efficient price points. System providers such as RingCentral and Nextiva have extensive built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, but these systems come with corresponding technical fees. For most locals in Kalispell, business phone systems of this magnitude are a waste of money that could be spent on a customized system with only features they can use. 

Choosing one of these large-scale providers means paying for industrial-scale datacenters, offshore customer service teams, and service plans with features that won’t make sense for small businesses. At Eckstrom Consulting, our team spends time handpicking only the essential services our clients need in these types of plans. We bundle features into affordable packages that small business owners can afford without skimping on security, reliability, or customizability.

Our Kalispell business phone systems allow radio waves to travel via satellites, physical cables, or a combination of both. The line takes sounds and information from prospective clients or repeat customers to a secure point that only the business’s designated staff may access. It is quick and secure.

How Office Phone Systems for Small Business Work

Small business phone systems are essential commercial infrastructure, especially with remote work on the rise. When a customer calls a business phone, they typically enter a receiving area where they will receive an option to dial an extension. As the administrator of the phone line, a business can keep the customer on hold until a customer service agent becomes available or help them reroute to any department without human intervention.

Benefits for Kalispell Businesses

Most Kalispell business phone systems also offer voicemail capabilities and customizable restrictions for outgoing calls by employees. Operating a low-touch business will require that the small business phone system eliminates the need for a human receptionist. A local business may also create a unique phone number, choose holding music, and track customer hold times, among other benefits.

Eckstrom Consulting’s Business Phone System Types

At Eckstrom Consulting, the team offers the best business phone systems available, no matter the size of the enterprise that needs them. Three systems dominate the landscape:

  • Traditional landlines with conferencing, transfer, and forwarding features that don’t rely on electricity or internet availability
  • VoIP systems that use the internet for crystal clear audio and low prices
  • Virtual phone systems that combine VoIP and landline technologies for unparalleled flexibility

What to Look for in a Small Business Phone System

Kalispell business phone systems should have all the features needed to conduct business and make a great impression on first-time customers or fellow business owners in the area. A business owner should easily be able to look through call logs, use forwarding features, and create virtual conference rooms and online meetings. Installing a business phone system also consolidates internal and external communication lines, easily connecting clients and business partners.

Recent data from The Pulse of the American Worker Survey reveals that over 80% of employees want to work in a hybrid arrangement for the foreseeable future. However, any business that plans to capitalize on this trend might not find a traditional desk phone to be a helpful choice. It is far better to be able to connect with local employees and outsourced workers without extra fees or delays.

The experienced IT and business planning professionals at Eckstrom Consulting are happy to provide recommendations based on your office arrangements, clients, and niche.

Business Phone Service vs. Business Phone System

Business phone services and business phone systems are two different animals.

  • Business phone services function from a remote server rack in a distant location (commonly New York or California). They provide tools like Microsoft 365, GSuite, and Salesforce with annually renewable licenses.
  •  Business phone systems, like those from Eckstrom Consulting, are more practical. We will maintain the phone lines, diagnose and repair problems, and ensure streamlined use of call transferring, electronic fax, and video conferencing systems. The business can then focus on income-generating activities without disruption.

The best small business phone system will help you maintain a professional image with clients while customer service representatives answer queries and concerns seamlessly. People hate waiting, and responsive Kalispell business phone systems are a cheap and reliable way to generate more revenue by saving on labor costs.

An Eckstrom Consulting system includes ways to:

  • record call durations and hold times,
  • collect accurate data for future customer engagement initiatives
  • provide a toll-free number for locals to contact the business or inquire about products
  • choose a custom phone number to help the business gain momentum in its niche market

Top-Rated Business Phone System in Kalispell, Montana!

Our team wants to position Montana businesses for success with reliable, responsive, and cost-efficient Kalispell business phone systems. Small-to-medium businesses need accurate CRM analytics, unparalleled audio quality, and a broad range of capabilities with a customizable package; that’s what they get with Eckstrom Consulting.

Call Eckstrom Consulting at 406-730-5105 today for Kalispell business phone systems that bring your Montana business to the next level.

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