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Maximize your profits, productivity, and communication with Eckstrom Consulting’s business internet solutions in Bigfork. If you have searched “business internet in my area,” you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Business Internet?

Business internet connects your employees to one another and to your clients, vendors, and investors. Nearly all companies use the internet for business operations. A business internet service offers the following features over residential internet:

  • Guaranteed uptime, bandwidth, and availability 
  • More flexible configurations 
  • Access to cloud services

The Value of Reliable Business Internet Connectivity

Every time you lose internet access, your company loses profits. At Eckstrom Consulting, we aim to eliminate this issue and keep your business working smoothly through our small business internet solutions.

The Different Types of Business Internet Service

There are three main types of business internet services: 

  • DSL — The oldest of the three, this type uses landlines for data transmission. It’s the most affordable but the least reliable. 
  • Cable — Uses cable for data transmission. It may be slower during peak hours due to the shared use between local users. 
  • Fiber — The most reliable and fastest type available, and it’s growing in popularity.

Which Small Business Internet Service Is Right for You?

Your best business internet solutions depend on several factors, such as:

  • Availability in your area 
  • Proximity to fiber internet resources 
  • Reliability needs 
  • Cost

Our team can further explain the differences and help you choose your high-speed business internet requirements.

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