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Understanding the complexities of internet services and the differences between different networks can be confusing and tedious. Eckstrom Consulting is here to help you not only understand the differences between certain networks but also explain the benefits of an SD-WAN

Eckstrom Consulting will break down the meaning of SD-WAN and how it is the best network choice for your business. We will compare other networking and internet options with an SD-WAN to secure your confidence in choosing an SD-WAN over other services. By understanding the core distinctions between all relevant networks, you can be sure you are making the best choice for your business and internet service. 

What Is an SD-WAN?

SD-WAN stands for “software-defined wide-area network” and allows high-speed optimized connectivity by monitoring the traffic and performance of wide-area network (WAN) connections. 

An SD-WAN eliminates the need of using hardware and offers a quick and simple management system for your network. Using an SD-WAN removes the tedious and complicated process of having an administrator write the rules and code for each router. All of this can be accomplished from an online control system. 

How Does an SD-WAN work?

Typically, wide area networks connect by using routers and their data planes. These planes are connected to a control plane that not only contains all of the information but also distributes the information. A network administrator is responsible for creating the policies and controls what and where the information is distributed. 

Using an SD-WAN network not only connects and extends the network over a larger geographical area, but it can also handle multiple types of connections. An SD-WAN uses a centralized control panel, allowing the network administrators to make any changes to the software and distribute them across the entire network in one simple step. It becomes easier to control and allows your business to be more independent from data centers. 

Why Choose an SD-WAN?

An SD-WAN provides a better application experience, more security, and a simplified process of managing your network. It also reduces network costs and allows for an easier way to direct your traffic, thus improving the performance of the network. 

More Security: When using an SD-WAN, you are also using a system that has a layered firewall with continuous monitoring to ensure protection from any security or data threats. 

Simplified Experience: An SD-WAN takes out the middleman of routers and data planes being manipulated by a network administrator who has to make the changes and decide how to spread them out. Instead, there is one convenient control panel that allows for better management by the vendor.

Uncomplicated Application Experience: An SD-WAN offers a simple user experience as well as a structured, efficient distribution. Using an SD-WAN lowers your circuit costs by exchanging them for different broadband options.

Reduced Costs: Reducing costs is always a bonus when running a business. There is no need for expensive multiprotocol label switching (MLPS) because an SD-WAN uses broadband networks. 

How Does SD-WAN Compare with Other Networks?


While SD-WANs and SDN (software-defined networking) are both similar, SDN is primarily used for local area networks (LANs) versus an SD-WAN being used for connecting geographical sites remotely. 

SDN is mainly used for data centers and is controlled by an administrator. The administrator is responsible for controlling the console system. It supports the different networks of your infrastructure by using hardware and high bandwidth. 

An SD-WAN however, is configured and controlled by the company and provides a remote experience. Being remote allows you to access the centralized console across a variety of branches and data centers.


SD-WAN Internet Services


MPLS, or multiprotocol label switching, is generally more expensive than an SD-WAN and relies on hardware that is used for a specific organization. An SD-WAN supports numerous network connections such as long-term evolution (LTE), as well as broadband. The SD-WAN software is less expensive than MPLS because it eliminates the need for hardware.

MPLS is a private network that does not come with built-in security and generally has limited bandwidth. Because it is a private network, it must backhaul all of the traffic and information to the data center, affecting the user and application experience.

An SD-WAN provides secure and private connections that eliminate the need for backhauling traffic. This means that in comparison with MPLS, the user and application experiences are not affected by the amount of traffic.

It also provides a comprehensive understanding of traffic flow and instant access to analytics. Having real-time access to these analytics allows an administrator to make the necessary changes to maintain functioning and smooth business goals.


Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are generally used for work-from-home networks because they provide any organization with a secure connection and network at a decent cost. VPNs rely on the public internet for their speed and bandwidth, leaving them susceptible to slower service.

An SD-WAN offers a lower cost as well as a more reliable and secure network. It can use a variety of WAN connections, making it a more flexible and secure network.

Why an SD-WAN Is the Best Choice

SD-WAN internet services are by far the best choice when choosing a secure network for your company. They not only provide the best security but also a simplified and easy experience. They are the most cost-efficient option compared with other networks and give your administrator greater control. 

Choosing Eckstrom Consulting for your SD-WAN internet services will provide peace of mind knowing the professionals have extensive knowledge on what is best for your company. You now have the proper tools and comprehension on why an SD-WAN is the best network for your company’s success. 

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