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What is cloud computing and how can it help improve the functionality of your Kalispell business?


Cloud computing solutions are becoming increasingly important as more and more companies migrate their data to the cloud and rely on cloud-based software to protect their information and improve their employee work experience.Cloud Computing Solution Kalispell

If you are in search of the best cloud computing companies in Kalispell or you’d like to learn about how implementing cloud computing services can help you, keep reading or get in touch with Eckstrom Consulting today.


Best Cloud Computing Services Kalispell

Here at Eckstrom Consulting, we are proud to provide Kalispell business owners with the best cloud computing services available. We use Microsoft’s Hosted Exchange solution to help business owners streamline team communication and create a more organized, functional company.

Our Hosted Exchange program for email servers has the five following capabilities:

  • Email archiving
  • Improved filtering and retention policies
  • Email security
  • Multiple configuration capabilities
  • Increased mailbox capabilities


Types of Cloud Computing Services

What are the types of cloud computing services?

There are three main types of cloud computing services, these include:

  1. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
  2. PaaS – Platform as a Service
  3. SaaS – Software as a Service

Your needs as a business owner will determine what type of cloud computing service is best for your company’s needs and growth.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of cloud computing services, get in touch with Eckstrom Consulting today to speak with one of our IT technicians about our cloud computing consulting services.


Advantages of Cloud Computing

What are the advantages of cloud-based software?

  • Improved cloud computing security. According to, 94% of businesses that started using cloud computing saw an increase in security.
  • More convenient collaboration. Another one of the main advantages of cloud computing is that it improves the collaboration experience among employees. With cloud computing, your employees should be able to share information with each other using the provided cloud-based platform.
  • Safer data. The likelihood of you losing all of your valuable data due to systems failing is greatly reduced when you use cloud computing to upload your information to the cloud.
  • Frequent software updates. Another advantage of cloud computing is that when you have cloud-based software installed, you can simply forget about it as it will automatically update itself in order to keep up with the most current software.
  • Access from anywhere. Eckstrom Consulting’s Hosted Exchange solution allows business owners and employees to access company information that’s been stored to the cloud — regardless of the employee’s geographical location. This makes remote work infinitely easier.


Cloud Computing Providers In Kalispell

If you are ready to take your company’s data security and team collaboration to the next level, get in touch with Eckstrom Consulting today.

Here at Eckstrom Consulting, our IT technicians are up to date with the latest IT best practices and cloud computing software solutions. We know everything it takes for a business to be successful at a time where data security and intuitive digital solutions are paramount.

To learn more about our Hosted Microsoft Exchange cloud computing solution, get in touch with Eckstrom Consulting today.

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