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Cloud Office Pro Complete

Cloud Office Pro Complete

To prevent issues from arising in the first place, we’ve deployed Next Generation Threat Detection and response, thus improving security from advanced malware attacks including ransomwareWe are taking our threat intelligence to the next level of security by decreasing the time to detect and remedy the situation.

Adding multiple layers of security access provides another level of protection for your business.

Our #1 goal is to keep intruders out, and one tactic we employ is ground breaking two- factor authentication and password management for all of your workstations. Once logged on securely, you can easily stay connected with your team using a simple, connected business phone system. 

At Eckstrom Consulting, we take a layered approach to layered security in order to continually stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape. As threats change the way your private data is protected needs to change as well.

Keep your confidential data private with our data loss prevention strategies. 

Conducting semi-annual security audits to keep your business ahead of the curve. After performing a variety of tests on your network systems, computer hardware and other sensitive equipment within your company, we can take preventative measures to ensure you have the best protection. Not only will we test your IT hardware, but we will invest in social engineering training for your team to keep them aware of eminent threats.

We know humans are not perfect so, in order to enhance your business effectiveness and follow guidelines set forth by a compliant system, (HIPAA, PCI, DSS, ect…) we offer compliant logging and tracking.

Cloud Office Pro Complete offers the latest and greatest IT infrastructure to keep your business growing and moving forward safely. 

 What You Get With Cloud Office Pro Complete: 
  • Unified Communications – Keep your team connected on any device
  • Cloud Firewall – Protect the network that keeps your business up and running
  • Ransomware, Zero Day Threat Protection – Next Generation Threat Detection and Response protects your business
  • Data Loss Prevention 24/7 preventative maintenance
  • Threat Intelligence Picks up where Anti-Malware stops
  • 2 Factor Authentication and Password Management– You and only you can access your computer
  • Semi Annual Security Audits- We stay ahead of the curve and take preventative measures to ensure your business is safe from a variety of attacks
  • Social Engineering Training – The first defense against attacks are your team members
  • Compliant Logging – Adhere to regulations. Automatically.compliant logging

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