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Cloud Office Pro Elevate

With more and more businesses moving into the online space, it’s important for business owners to have an intuitive, unified communications platform. Having a unified communication platform like Elevate Pro enables your team to focus more on productivity and worry less about miscommunication.

Cloud Office Pro Elevate is a cloud based unified communications service that enables business owners to have an organized layout where they can manage and communicate with their team with ease. By getting Elevate Pro, you are empowering your team with a platform of the tools and features necessary for better communication and productivity in our increasingly cloud based world. 

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How Cloud Office Pro Elevate Works:

Elevate Pro is the top business communication system on the market because it takes all aspects of company communication into consideration. This is the all-encompassing unified communication service for business owners who are looking for a fully integrated, seamless platform for communicating with team members and customers. 

Whatever your preferred method of communication and hardware (e.g. desktop phones, mobile phones, or computer desktop), Cloud Office Pro Elevate can help. 

Elevate’s communication service is designed to work with every type of company and communication style. Our engineers understand that different team members and businesses have different communication styles and so we’ve sought to make Elevate Pro the ultimate intuitive unified communication platform that every business deserves.

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COP Elevate Features

Elevate Pro Features & Benefits

But why exactly should you choose Elevate Pro as your communications service over other unified communication platforms? Let’s take a look at the benefits and features that make this the top unified communication service for your business.

Elevate Communications Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that using Cloud Office Pro Elevate UC gives business owners and employees. 

  • Easy to use. Elevate Pro has been intuitively designed to meet the needs of employees and business owners with different communication styles and is designed so that every team member can find it easy to use. 
    • Increased productivity. With superior communication tools at your fingertips, you can watch your company’s productivity flourish. 
    • Simpler collaboration. Having a fully integrated unified communication platform allows you to have an easier time collaborating with other team members on shared projects.
  • Business continuity. Cloud Office Pro Elevate UC ensures that you never miss important company calls. The Elevate Pro system sends calls through to your desk and mobile phone to ensure that clients and employees can reach you.
  • Cost-effective unified communication service. Elevate Pro reduces costs as it integrates all aspects of unified communication into a single platform. 
  • The feeling of working together while apart. While working remotely definitely has its perks, it’s also nice to feel like you’re part of a bigger team. Elevate Pro gives you the team-spirit boost that you need while working from home.

Cloud Office Pro Elevate Features

Our innovative office communication package equips you with the following features: 


  • Phone system
  • Mobile phone app
  • Desktop app
  • Video conferencing 
  • Computer screen share
  • Voicemail
  • Remote office
  • Fax
  • Phone plan options
  • Presence indicator

Elevate Your Office Communications Today

Ready to optimize your communication workflow? If you are ready to make the commitment to bettering your company communication and growing your team’s productivity, give Eckstrom Consulting a call. 

Our team of IT professionals would be happy to discuss Office Cloud Pro Elevate UC with you or help get your team integrated so that you can start enjoying better communication today.

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