Equipment Services (HAAS)

Eckstrom Consulting is passionate about providing IT hardware services to help businesses of all sizes optimize their efficiency and cybersecurity.

Here at Eckstrom, we understand the pivotal role that IT infrastructure and hardware play in the overall convenience and productivity of companies. We want to use our IT knowledge to help you run a more productive company with a minimized risk of downtime and network interruption.

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IT Hardware Services

IT hardware services take on a number of different forms. In order for your business to run efficiently and safely, it is important for you to prioritize up to date IT infrastructure and hardware services.

Having your IT and hardware services maintained will ensure that your network is safe and secure, protecting your employees and databases from cyber-attacks.

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Hardware as a Service Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service, or HaaS for short, is a convenient way to keep all of your workstations and equipment up to date through IT support, updating, and maintenance.
With HaaS, you don’t ever need to worry about hardware being outdated. Our IT professionals will ensure that your IT infrastructure and hardware are always up to date so that your company functions efficiently and you don’t need to ever worry about hardware failure and network interruption.
Hardware as a service accomplishes this by including hardware as part of your IT subscription service.

Cabling & Wiring

A slow network can be a sign of poor cable infrastructure and management. Our cabling experts can conduct a network audit to ensure your infrastructure and wiring management are organized correctly and with the optimal cabling.
Emerald City Solution’s services include a high-quality cabling and wiring setup to ensure that your company’s IT hardware and equipment are optimal, efficient, and secure.
Having cabling and wiring that you can trust and a reliable IT hardware service provider on-call to address potential issues before they have a chance to manifest is one of the best investments you can make as a business owner.

Desktop & User Care

Here at Eckstrom Consulting, we offer a Proactive Desktop Remote Management and Maintenance program for all of your employee workstations.
Our Proactive Desktop Remote Management and Maintenance program enables our IT team to track license expiration dates, warranties, serial numbers, and more in order to make sure that your IT hardware is never out of date.

Printer Support

reduce ink and paper consumptionHaving multiple printers in your workspace can result in a disorganized mess. To help keep everything organized without having to invest large sums of money into your printer network, we provide our clients with a printer support service.
Our intuitive printer support service is designed to help you streamline and manage your printing operation at an affordable price and without any added stress.

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