Printer Management and Support Services

Printer Management and Support Services

Do You Know How Much Paper and Ink You're Using?

If you want to keep your printing costs low, you need to know how much your company prints in a day. While the cost of a single piece of printed paper is negligible, it can add up quickly when you have multiple users printing hundreds of pages per day.

reduce ink and paper consumption

Current estimates suggest that most employees print up to 12 pages every day, which adds up to a lot of waste and inefficiency when multiplied by the number of employees.

While it’s tempting to try managing your printer usage manually, the situation becomes significantly more complicated when you add multiple printers onto your network. Rather than try to keep track of everything yourself, it’s much smarter to invest in a dedicated printer-management solution.

How Does Our Network Printer-Management Software Work?

Our printer-support-management software has a central hub where you can control the printing permissions of all users on the network. It offers fully customizable print options and configurations that you can adapt to each individual user on the system.

An added advantage of our printer support software is that you can track usage and quickly identify heavy users based upon how much they print in a given period. Not only can this help you reduce waste by restricting these users, but you’ll still maintain productivity by allowing light users to print freely.

Improve Network Security

Many companies invest heavily in network security measures to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data. Unfortunately, most solutions forget about a vulnerable entry point to the network: the printer. By using network print management to run your print server, you can seal off this overlooked access point and protect your entire system.

Keep Users Accountable

A key aspect of printer administration is to keep track of who prints what, and how much. Some users love to print out everything, including emails, news articles, and many other unnecessary items. By monitoring their usage, you can curb this unwanted behavior.

User tracking is also valuable in terms of network security. By monitoring which users printed a specific file, your network administrator will be able to identify potential breaches via the printer server before they go any further.

Go Green by Using Less Paper and Ink

Despite many incentives for paperless offices, many companies still increase their paper consumption annually. Enforcing restrictions and limits on printing can significantly reduce the amount of paper and ink that your company uses. Not only does this save you money, but it’s also great for the environment.

If you’re pushing to be a green company, installing a printer-support solution is an excellent start to reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll reduce your paper waste, ink consumption, and even power consumption with one simple solution.

If you’re interested in the benefits that a dedicated printer-administration solution can provide, why not get in touch with us at Eckstrom Consulting? Our consultants will conduct a thorough audit of your requirements and devise a solution that’s cost-effective while increasing your productivity and saving you money. Contact us at Eckstrom Consulting—and find out what we can do for you today!

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