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Managed Backup

We know that your data is valuable.

Have you ever lost data to a failed backup system?  Most backups begin to fail after six months without monitoring and maintenance.

We have built our Managed Backup service with the safety of your data in mind.  We utilize a dual backup philosophy in which a backup of your data is stored in your office as well as a backup that is stored in a secure data center.  With the Managed Backup service your data is protected from multiple types of systems failures and facility disasters.

We also understand that not only is the safety of your data important but the security of your data is equally important.  For those organizations that have security requirements of a legal or business nature, this service provides a perfect compliment.  All data that is backed up is encrypted.  The data that is backed up in your office is encrypted on an external storage device.  The backups that are stored in the secure data center are encrypted while they travel across the Internet and reside encrypted in the data center.

We take the guess work out of backups.  The Online Backup system monitors for successful and failed backups so you don't have to.  In the event of a failed backup you are notified and can correct the issue.

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