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Marketing your business online is an absolute must in today’s modern, tech-focused environment. Failing to take advantage of web integration puts you at risk for slower growth, not to mention falling behind your competition. You don’t have to do it on your own, either — you can use the services of a trustworthy IT consulting business like Eckstrom Consulting. 

Our commitment to stellar IT solutions and efficiency makes us one of the top choices for IT consulting in Kalispell, MT. Just read our testimonials from our satisfied clients! We’d love to offer you the same excellent services to help your company grow and keep your data safe.

Types of IT Consulting Services

It’s almost impossible to completely list the full range of services available in the IT consulting business. It’s a growing industry — one that affords virtually limitless ways to better market and manage your brand. Here, we identify some of the most common ways we help small businesses.

IT Budgeting

Accounting is the backbone of an enterprise. You can’t run a business for very long without an organized budget. Technology helps you better project your costs and manage the direction of your business, and we can show you exactly how to do it.

IT Strategy

Strategy is critical when planning to optimize efficiency and drive the growth of your business. Using our IT solutions consulting services can significantly enhance your ability to set long, medium, and short-term goals.

IT Security Assessments and Cybersecurity Consulting

Establishing a web presence for your business does not come without risks. While it’s essential to integrate your business into the digital world to stay competitive, you must protect those assets. That’s why we offer network security, web filtering, firewall setup, and email security services.

Government Compliance

Are you a financial company that must abide by FINRA regulations or a medical provider bound to HIPAA? We know how serious it is to follow the laws in your industry carefully. Eckstrom Consulting can provide a clear, documented, and easy-to-use way to manage all compliance mandates.

Cloud and Data Migration

This is where we assist you in managing the infrastructure and transferability of your important data resources. Find out more about our new Cloud-based software below!

Mobile and Web Applications

We can construct, manage, and troubleshoot your various mobile and web applications. You won’t have to worry about glitches and tech problems that always seem to arise in either your internal or external business systems. We can ensure that these programs run smoothly and consistently.

Hardware Services

Don’t forget the physical components when it comes to your technological framework. Eckstrom Consulting can get you off the ground with hardware support for everything from remote desktop management to printers, cabling, and wiring. Hardware components are the fundamental building blocks of a reliable IT network.

IT Advisory

One of the most important ways to maintain a safe and effective IT system is to audit it as frequently as possible. When you run a fast-paced business, you may not have the time to do this yourself. Fortunately, we can audit databases and data warehouses, introduce and update digital technology, and uncover and eliminate process inefficiencies and redundancies.

Again, this only scratches the surface of what you can expect when you hire an IT solutions professional.

What Does an IT Consultant Do, and Why Is IT Consulting Necessary?

IT consultants are trained experts on the latest in technological trends and the myriad of ways to apply them to the needs of small business clients. The modern market changes quickly, so we ensure that our staff is tech-savvy and current on recent tech developments. This includes things like hardware virtualization, unified email, remote desktop services, and more.

We’re happy to bring this level of IT consulting to Kalispell because it fills an experience gap in the area of IT management. Consultants possess years of experience addressing numerous problems like cyberattacks, network outages, and technological inefficiencies. While it may be possible to learn some of this on your own, doing so would take precious time away from running your business.

Eckstrom Consulting lends a helping hand in alleviating some of your technological concerns — especially implementation. Let’s look at the specific ways we can advance your internet integration goals today.

Why You Should Choose Eckstrom Consulting in Kalispell, MT

Our IT consulting company offers various services that your business can benefit from when setting up and maintaining technological infrastructure. Here is a snapshot of what we deliver:

  • First-rate service that caters to your unique needs, from hardware to cybersecurity software
  • A highly customized technological implementation that considers all of your business objectives
  • IT security consulting services
  • Small business IT consulting
  • Our SD-WAN internet service that takes your business through all the network systems onto the cloud and comes with:
    • 24-hour support
    • The latest VPN enhancements
    • A comprehensive alert and monitoring system
    • VoIP protection
    • SaaS performance
  • Four Cloud-based software options:
    1. Cloud Office Pro Business
    2. Cloud Office Pro Enterprise
    3. Cloud Office Pro Template
    4. Cloud Office Pro Elevate

We also address other communication tasks like faxing systems, desktop sharing, transferring phone calls, hosting web and virtual conferences, call center support, virtual phones, and other traditional technological features. So, even though we keep our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies, we always tailor our assistance to the specific needs of your small business.

This is just a short overview of what Eckstrom Consulting offers in the field of IT consulting services. You’re welcome to preview our entire website to learn more about us. You can even request a complimentary quote for more than a dozen IT services — contact us today!

Eckstrom Consulting provides the most helpful, efficient, and friendly service for our business clients searching for IT consulting in Kalispell, MT. If you need a dedicated IT support consultant for new services or troubleshooting, give us a call today at 406-730-5105 or contact us online.

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