Remote Network Monitoring & Management

Remote Network Monitoring & Maintenance

As a business owner, you need reliable internet to deliver services and keep things running. In the digital age, business operations are becoming cloud-based. A simple application on a website requires communication between different clouds and data centers.

You need your users to be able to access your applications, and your company needs to function smoothly. Eckstrom Consulting can help you with setup and support for network monitoring.

The Basics – What is Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring refers to the observation of networking components. With a network monitoring system, you can look at the servers, firewalls, switches, VMs, and routers to ensure optimal performance. If you use efficient and proactive monitoring, you can quickly identify and correct issues.

It is essential to monitor your networks to prevent failure. Network monitoring solutions involve:

  • Monitoring critical devices at a continuous interval
  • Determining a protocol for network management
  • Setting proactive thresholds

Network communication happens in layers. According to the OSI model, when two devices communicate, they use seven different layers. Network monitoring looks at these communication layers to see how the devices are connecting.

Should You Monitor Your Network?

When your network fails, it halts the transmission of information that your business operations need. The IT infrastructure relies on a working network. A network monitoring service can help you avoid costly system failures.

Network administrators continuously have to add new applications and users to the network. Network changes can affect network performance and predictability. When problems happen, the network administrators have to find the reason for the failure before it affects users.

Your network downtime costs you money. For large e-commerce businesses, a short period of network downtime can result in millions of dollars worth of losses. The stakes are equally high for small to medium businesses. Even one hour of service interruption can result in a loss of customers.

For more information about our remote network monitoring services contact Eckstrom Consulting today.

Why Do Networks Fail?

There are many stages for a private network to go through to connect to the internet. Routers connect the network to the internet by the following path:

  1. Data packets of information come from the internet.
  2. The data packets follow an IP address to get to a router.
  3. The router gets that packet and sends it to the private networks.

Most of the time, these packets have to get past a firewall. The firewall’s purpose is to filter out any bad traffic, prevent unauthorized access, and stop network security threats.

Every private network also has switches to receive the data that passes the firewall. The switches connect printers, servers, laptops, and any other devices to the network. MAC addresses allow devices to send data to each other.

Any part of this system can have trouble. Since the devices and networks are all connected, a problem with one aspect of the system can affect other aspects. For instance, if a switch stops working, connected devices will no longer work on the private network.

Monitoring Software

Network monitoring software automates the management process. This system assesses performance using different protocols like Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) or Windows Machine Interface (WMI).

SNMP collects device data from access points, switches, LAN controllers, printers, and other devices. The protocol gives important values for reporting and sending alerts. Each object defined by SNMP gets a unique ID so that it is easy to monitor the device.

WMI monitors applications and services based on Microsoft. If you have mostly Windows applications, a WMI protocol may be best for your business. Either way, the protocol systems can help administrators control the network.

Network monitoring can be a confusing process. A network monitoring service provider like Eckstrom Consulting can help you get on the right track.

What Does Eckstrom’s IT Services Include?

A network monitoring solution has all the functions you need to keep your network running. These functions include:

Discovering Network Devices

The first step to any network monitoring process is to know which devices operate on your network. We will find the servers, firewalls, switches, and more. Then, we can assign roles to the devices to monitor them effectively.


When you have a network with a lot of moving parts, it is easiest if you can visualize the connections. Our network monitoring software generates clean and organized maps of your network. From there, you can see the connected devices and their statuses.


An easy-to-understand dashboard allows you to find problem areas in your network quickly. We monitor the CPU, utilization, memory, and more for every device. Most importantly, you can get quick alerts if anything goes wrong.

Our solutions set a threshold for alerting so that you can solve problems before they affect your business. These thresholds can happen at a certain percentage of utilization for a specific amount of time.


Our solutions collect key data to assess your network health. Network monitoring data allows you to:

  • Verify the results from network designs
  • See trends that impact performance
  • Repair issues easily

You can publish or share these reports to reach your business goals. It is a key step in leveling up your IT infrastructure.

Work with Eckstrom Consulting

We want you to have a strong network to run your business. When you work with us, you get IT services that work proactively and offer support when you need it. Our team of experts respond quickly and provide solutions so that you don’t have to worry.

Our values include:

  • Managing Systems: We have a streamlined process for maintenance and reporting. Our engineers often fix problems before you know they exist. You will have fewer issues on a day-to-day basis and less network downtime.
  • Firmware Updates: We are always developing solutions to move your business forward. We will update your service when needed, often without disrupting your business.
  • Emergency Support: Eckstrom Consulting continues to support you to reduce onsite visits. We have disaster recovery plans, so you can rest easy knowing that any network downtime will not interrupt your business.

Contact us today for network monitoring solutions to keep your business running smoothly. We can help you integrate or improve upon your network monitoring efforts.

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