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Compressed Cyber Security PRO

Protect your Business Inside and Out

Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear-phishing attack? So, how do YOU protect YOUR business from threats like this? We got you covered, with our all new Cyber Security Pro Training!

How Secure is your business? Are you at risk? 

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Our cyber security experts focus on the application of emerging technologies for advanced threat detection and remediation of security threats for your unique business. 


Cyber Security Pro

 - Development of Comprehensive Strategies & Solutions to Address New Threats. 

 - Top-Grade Information Security with Multi-Layered Threat Detection & Response. 

 - Security Education for Your Employees. 

Prevent Threats from Entering your Infrastructure

Hackers, Malware, Ransomware...the threats are abundant and we are on top of it! 

EC Threat Intelligence

4 Steps to a Safer Future 

Analysis 1. Initial Analysis- We start with baseline testing to assess your vulnerability through simulated phishing attacks.

training 2. Training - Providing security awareness content through education videos and newsletters will help your employees achieve greater awareness.

testing 3. Testing - Includes follow up phishing simulations to elevate knowledge retention. Network Vulnerability Scanning allows us to find and alleviate potential network breaches.

results 4. Results - Network Pro Reporting for Improved Security Behavior.

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