Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks

We all know how annoying email can be at times. Your inbox is constantly filled with new messages, often to the point where you lose track of what has actually been addressed. The average office workers spends two hours staring at their email inbox and responding to messages. What a massive time-wasting practice!

Here are some tips to streamline the way you respond to your emails:

Canned Responses

Often times, we’ll find ourselves sending the same email over and over again. Someone wants your address, phone number, or a way to contact the CEO of your company. Hand typing these responses can get relentless and time consuming. Create a premade “packaged” response in Outlook to save you time.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Create a new Mail Message
  • Type your response in the body section
  • Highlight the response, then click the Insert tab
  • Click on Quick Parts
  • Choose Save Selection, which will save the selection to the Quick Part Gallery
  • Enter a name for the canned response. Save it, then delete the emailEmail
  • In order to access your canned messages, click Quick Parts and choose the desired message

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL+S : Sends a message
  • Down Arrow : Move to next message
  • CTRL+N : Create a new message

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