Server Support Kalispell

Servers are so much more than simply computing devices running on your network. They represent the backbone to your entire organization’s operability and efficiency.

Due to the critical role that they play, regularly performing server support and maintenance is absolutely key to avoiding an outage or interruption to service. At Eckstrom Consulting, we are an expert team of server support Kalispell locals dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes maintain healthy, fast servers.

Server Support Kalispell

Eckstrom Consulting – Who We Are

Eckstrom Consulting is a team of computer and network professionals that serves the North West Montana area. We’ve put in nearly two decades of hard work in providing IT support and services for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Kalispell and beyond.

Whatever the tech may be, you can count on us to help keep your business systems running smoothly.

We offer the following services, in addition to server support:

  • IT security
  • Business phone systems
  • IT managed services
  • Network server support
  • Business internet
  • Technical helpdesk support
  • IT consulting
  • Much more

Our years of experience have granted us the unique opportunity to develop out robust infrastructure while keeping our prices affordable. We’re committed to keeping our clients up and running and eliminating IT issues before they become IT interruptions.

Keep Your Business Up, Running, and Secure

The number one benefit to regular server maintenance is keeping your business both up and running as well as secure.

Our approach to server management services at Eckstrom Consulting encompasses six primary dimensions.

  1. Monitor Backups – We scan routinely to ensure on-site and off-site backups are being performed regularly.
  2. Uptime Focused – Our technology tools enable us to greatly improve your uptime by identifying distant, early warnings before they cause true interruptions to your business.
  3. Friendly and Local – We are based in Kalispell but serve the broad MT area. COmmunity matters greatly to us and we always put relationships first.
  4. Around the Clock Monitoring – You may sleep, but your systems do not. We keep a regular pulse on your critical systems, even beyond business hours.
  5. Patch and Security Management – By issuing the most recent patches and security updates, we are able to keep your server and network at top levels of security.
  6. Hardware and Error Scans – Eckstrom Consulting will log any errors that took place with your hardware and recommend a fix before it’s too late.

No matter what, our server support will help your company maintain secure, constant operations. Our processes have been refined over nearly two decades to provide the top level of solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you’re in need of server support, click here and we can help.

Servers Service

Servers serve you and your employees all day long and are expected to operate non-stop with no margin for error. Performing regular servers service can be one of the most valuable investments you make in your business, offering near-instant ROI to your productivity.

These are some of the benefits to having a company like Eckstrom Consulting regularly perform servers services:

  1. Reliable backups
  2. Monitoring disk usage
  3. Critical OS updates
  4. Web application security updates
  5. Physical inspection of equipment
  6. Server room condition monitoring
  7. Cycling passwords regularly
  8. Auditing user accounts
  9. Regularly performing antivirus updates & installations

Server Management Services by Eckstrom Consulting

You can rest with confidence that each of the benefits listed above is successfully implemented with our server management services packages.

1. Reliable Backups for Easy Restoration

When your servers are routinely backed up, you’ll be in a much safer position should a backup ever need to be deployed.

Backups can be essential if your organization is ever hit by a ransomware attack or other potential breaches. They’re an essential part of IT server support.

2. Monitoring disk usage

Getting the most out of your servers means keeping an eye on how much disk space each is using and reallocating as necessary.

3. Critical OS updates for your servers

Hackers will regularly scan systems for potential vulnerabilities, trying to find an easy way in. When you update your OS frequently, you’re fortifying your defenses against potential breaches.

4. Web Application Security Updates

More and more businesses are relying on cloud-based web apps. Being that these are not locally processed, they’re more prone to cyberattacks.

With our server support, we’ll prioritize web app updates and make sure you’re always current and protected.

5. Physically inspect and diagnose your equipment

Our server support services include routine inspection of your hardware to identify and replace potentially failing hardware before it fails.

6. Monitoring conditions of server room

Servers require a delicate balance of temperature and humidity in order to maintain maximum operability and efficiency. Inspecting your server room conditions is another dimension of our server tech support.

7. Cycling passwords regularly

Passwords are still one of the most immediate gateways to your critical infrastructure and sensitive data. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to make regular updates to their passwords. With our server management service, you’ll be fortified in this critical area of security.

8. Auditing user accounts

Taking inventory of the users who still have access to your softwares and servers is absolutely vital. Many employees will move on from their employer and still have server access.

By auditing your user accounts, we make sure that the only ones who have access are the only ones who need it.

9. Regular antivirus updates

Antivirus is still of paramount importance. With Eckstrom Consulting’s server support, you’ll never be out of date on the latest antivirus and malware protection.

Server Help for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Beyond just providing server management services and support, we are always available to address questions and provide any support we can.

Management of servers isn’t always the highest priority task when the rest of your business has 100 other pressing tasks. By working with a server support company like Eckstrom Consulting, we make sure that you’re never left in a vulnerable or compromised position.

If you have questions on our server support services or are in need of immediate servers help and support, please click here to get in touch with us.

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