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New Patent From Walmart Means No More Privacy For You

We usually discuss how a business can help keep itself more secure. Unfortunately, this time we have reason to discuss the potential for a business to undermine the privacy of its own customers and staff. Walmart recently applied for a patent for a new surveillance technology that, buried in the jar ...

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How Safe is Your Email?

Email is (and has been) a prime method of communication for businesses of all sizes. With email comes a whole slew of issues that are essentially synonymous with the technology; spam, information overload, phishing, and information privacy. Even North West Montana small businesses that only do b ...

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What is your Identity Worth to You?

Your identity has quite a lot of value, especially in the wrong hands. Security firm ZoneAlarm put together some numbers in 2011 concerning identity fraud, and it even shocked us. Let's talk about a few of these statistics and what it means. First of all, what shocked us the most is that acco ...

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