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VoIP: Eckstrom Consulting’s Specialty

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is essentially an internet-based telephone service. Instead of transmitting phone conversations through traditional phone lines, your conversations run through a digital platform. Affordable VoIP phone systems include features you cannot find in conventional telephone systems, and it is a great choice for small-to-medium businesses.

Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP telephone systems are mostly software-based. This setup does not require on-site hardware, which makes them less expensive and more flexible, especially for small-to-midsize businesses. Communication systems are essential for an organization’s growth, and that’s why Eckstrom Consulting focuses on helping small businesses with their IT system needs through affordable VoIP phone systems.

Why Consider a VoIP Telephone System for Small Business Operations?

Are there benefits to choosing a VoIP telephone system designed for small business operations? Absolutely. Features include:

  • high-definition voice calling,
  • audio and video conferencing,
  • auto-attendant functions,
  • team messaging,
  • unlimited extensions, and
  • countless other benefits on a single platform.

A VoIP phone system can also integrate with third-party apps to streamline your business operations. The ability to make calls over the internet has significant cost-saving potential because a VoIP system uses an existing connection rather than the traditional phone line. Instead of paying the phone company, you can put that saving into strategic development.

According to studies, small businesses using VoIP systems have an opportunity to cut the costs of local calls by up to 40% and international call costs by 90%. A VoIP system also helps a small business tailor its operations around remote connectivity, efficient multi-functionality, and tighter security.

VoIP Facilitates Remote Connectivity

A VoIP telephone system allows employees to take their business phone line wherever they happen to travel. Typical VoIP phone system providers provide a mobile app that you can configure to ring when a customer calls on an employee’s business line. It also facilitates outgoing calls from employees’ smartphones on the business line, making remote work a breeze.

VoIP Represents Multi-Functionality

Besides making and receiving calls, a VoIP phone system offers several other functionalities. For example, it integrates various communication services, including:

  • instant messaging,
  • video conferencing,
  • teleconferencing, and
  • fax to email.

You can connect with employees and customers, regardless of their location across the globe.

VoIP Offers Security Upgrades

Compared to analog phone systems, VoIP systems are highly secure. They have standardized encryption protocols to safeguard all calls and data. Traditional phone connections do not share this capability and leave your business open to a breach.

The Right VoIP Features and Capabilities for Your Business

Many VoIP system providers offer unique features, so it is important to choose a VoIP phone system with the features your business needs. Consider what you need right now and when your business starts to scale its operation.

Then, consider these primary factors in choosing the right VoIP service:

What Type of VoIP Service Does The Business Need?

Before you choose a VoIP phone provider, consider the type of VoIP service that suits your business structure. For example:

  • Hosted PBX usually hosts a VoIP service on-site, with high-tech features, a reliable server, and a cutting-edge security system.
  • Cloud-based VoIP phone system options use cloud-based technology. It allows you to enjoy on-the-go and mobile VoIP functions.
  • Unified Communication (UC) represents a VoIP service as a complete business suite, including instant messaging, video conferencing, call forwarding and screen sharing. It is ideal for businesses with remote employees.
  • Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) can expand your business communication capabilities beautifully. It uses high-tech integrations and functionalities.

Most VoIP service providers offer several systems, so it is helpful to understand the type of system your business might need before approaching a VoIP phone system provider.

Which VoIP Features Appeal to Your Business Setup?

Once you determine the type of VoIP service suitable for your business, consider which VoIP features you will need for everyday communication. VoIP providers normally offer features like Caller ID, call forwarding, and call waiting within a standard package. Additional features might include:

  • call recording,
  • conferencing,
  • virtual assistant

Consider what features are ‘must haves’ and which ones are ‘nice to haves’ before you commit to a package.

How Many People Will Use This VoIP Phone System?

VoIP telephone service providers like to base their plans and prices on the number of users in a system. Choosing a VoIP service is easier when you know how many phone lines your business will need (each employee should have a line). Some employees may not need their phone lines as often as others, and this is a consideration that could make your budget more flexible.

Will The Business Benefit From Third-Party App Integration?

The final consideration is the online applications your business uses. Do you need to integrate these apps with your VoIP telephone system for optimum communication channels? Eckstrom Consulting is happy to walk you through some examples of how smooth integration can benefit your small business.

More About Budget-Friendly VoIP Systems

Budget is another critical consideration when choosing the best VoIP phone system for your business. Think about how much you are willing to spend monthly. Unlike a landline phone system, VoIP system pricing is flexible.

You should consider the type of VoIP system, features, and the number of phone lines. Your VoIP service will provide better communication features the more you pay per phone line. However, your business needs may also require weighing the costs of communication hardware, such as headsets, desk phones, and other equipment.

A VoIP provider may even provide you with a discount on your monthly charges if you sign up for a certain number of phone lines. Be sure to ask our Eckstrom Consulting professionals more about these financial incentives for your next VoIP phone system.

VoIP Provides All The Customer Support a Business Needs

If the VoIP system is your primary communication channel, you need to back it up with timely customer support from your provider. A VoIP system could develop issues during the initial setup or third-party integrations, and 24/7 customer support from your VoIP phone system provider will be invaluable. A business also benefits from ongoing maintenance and upgrades to keep the system functioning efficiently.

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